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Co-operation with the Plan of the Hierarchy for Humanity


The main aim of the group is to hold meditation meetings at the time of the full and new moons. The purpose of these meetings is group meditation as an act of co-operation with the Plan of the Hierarchy for humanity. The group is non-political and open to people from all faiths and beliefs as well as to those with no affiliation to any faith system.

It is hoped that all people of spiritual intention and inclination, irrespective of background and belief system will find some common ground in these meditations. It is through these meditations that the group aims to aid the objective of building up goodwill in order to further right human relations in the world. It is these meditations that are providing the seed of the coming new world religion.

In these meditations the group works with the power of thought with the aim of helping to create a new and better world, right here and right now in all aspects of human involvement. The group works therefore with the idea that ‘energy follows thought’. By working in a group, rather than alone, the quality of the meditations are enhanced. This process is made even more powerful by the group’s conscious link with a world wide network of more than one hundred such groups who meet each month for meditation.

[For more information on this worldwide meditation network please visit: www.lucistrust.org

One of the main things that is asked of all members is to maintain a positive attitude of goodwill to all. To further this, the tendency is to concentrate on those aspects of the world situation and the world’s problems that are constructive. For example, members are encouraged to look for good news as evidence of goodwill in the world and to share with others in the group.

This means that individuals have to  take active steps to search out and concentrate on the good. In this way individuals can train themselves to get a right perspective on what is happening in the immediate environment and in the world today. At the same time, focus on the larger problems and issues in the world today help the individual members of the group to achieve and maintain a balanced attitude towards the problems and issues in their own lives.

For details of these group meditation meetings for the full and new moon at The Sanctuary of Healing, Dewhurst Road, Langho, Blackburn, please click here for further information or visit www.thesanctuaryofhealing.org

Establishing a Culture of the Soul

The formation of this Ribble Valley Meditation Group has been and still is an organic process. It is a process of becoming and will continue to grow according to the shared vision and common purpose of its members. The facility for useful and effective service grows with the contribution of each member. As the soul is group conscious and noted for its quality of love, the establishing of soul contact at the outset of the meditation work ensures that the impersonal but universal love of the soul shines through, guiding our thoughts, words and actions. This guidance can then be carried on in our daily lives helping to establish a culture of the soul in our communities.

The main essential for effective group service is this soul contact. The soul is group conscious and its outstanding quality is that of love. Rather than a personal, emotional and sentimental love that binds with ties those involved, this higher grade love of the soul is impersonal, non-sentimental and universal leaving others totally free to follow the dictates of their own soul. The soul gives selfless service to the Whole.

With the light of the soul’s group consciousness, the inter-relationships and interdependence that already exist energetically between individuals, groups, communities, nations and peoples are acknowledged. In fact, it is these very lines of inter-communication that can be energetically charged by the love of the soul of a meditating group for the greater good of all. With this common purpose and selfless vision in group meditation, the service performed will flow automatically. Because the meditation is guided by the love of the group soul, this flow will always be along the right lines. Thus, a culture of the soul is being established by the many meditating groups around the world with which this group is linked.

It is said that the soul’s meditation is cyclic in nature, with a morning meditation, a noontime and 5pm recollection and an evening review. In addition, within each monthly cycle are to be found both a higher and a lower interlude. We celebrate these higher interludes at the times of the full moon with the meditation “Letting in the Light”. We offer the group mind for impression and inspiration by those unusually potent energies sources that characterise each zodiacal sign. At the lower interlude of each month we use the meditation “Strengthening the Hands of the New Group of World Servers”. Then the inspiration received at the higher interlude is given a wider expression of a more practical nature in service of the Plan of Hierarchy for humanity.

Within both the full and new moon meditations we also work in a similar manner with higher and lower interludes. These interludes can be thought of as similar to the interludes between the in-breath and the out-breath in the process whereby creative thought becomes active in expression. During the higher interlude of each meditation, this highest point is characterised by the attempt to reach, through the right use of the mind, the highest energies available in their most abstract natures. During the lower interlude, on the other hand, more concrete and practical applications of these energies can be envisaged working out in the world today for the good of all.

In addition, there can be found both a higher and a lower interlude within the twelve spiritual festivals of the full moon each year. The Aries [Easter], Taurus [Wesak] and Gemini [World Invocation Day] full moon festivals are together seen as the higher interlude of each spiritual year. At this time the most potent energies of all can be contacted in group formation and in selfless service. The festivals of Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius together constitute the lower interlude of the spiritual year. At this time, those energies contacted at the three spiritual festivals of the higher interlude, can be seen as working out in manifestation in the world.

The Healing Energy of Goodwill

It is the healing energy of goodwill with which we work in meditation in this beautiful Sanctuary of Healing. The group is part of the service activities of World Goodwill at Lucis Trust and the energy of goodwill can be incredibly powerful when used in group meditation. Its healing powers can transform human relationships, lifting them up to a higher lever whereby respect, love, tolerance, sharing and co-operation can replace blame, hate, intolerance, greed and competition.

How can we aid this process of healing with the energy of goodwill? Quite simply, we aid this healing process by joining in meditation with a group that shares a vision of a better world for all. When the group has a common purpose, such as using the powers of the mind and heart to bring about this better world, then changes can take place that heal the rifts that can be seen today in many of the relationships within the human family. By using the power of thought in group meditation to bring in the healing energy of goodwill, relationships in our families, our local communities, our nation and the nations of the world can be transformed for the good of all concerned.

In this work, it is the unity of the group efforts that results in far greater effects for the good, way beyond the number of individuals in the group. The unified efforts of even a handful of people working in this way with a common purpose are said to grow exponentially, geometrically rather like a spiral. In addition, if this group work is performed selflessly, as a service to all humanity from those in our communities to the whole community that is the human family then the results can be truly transformational. In this way it is the higher values of respect, sharing, co-operation and love for all through the energy of goodwill that heals and brings about harmonious right human relations. We aim to work with loving, constructive thoughts rather than with criticism, blame, fault-finding or conspiracy theories.

As part of the many groups around the world who meditate in this way with the energy of goodwill we acknowledge an inner connection with a much larger group that is known as the new group of world servers or NGWS. This larger group of world servers is composed of people with goodwill in their hearts and minds and they are to be found working all around the globe in every area of human endeavour for the welfare and betterment of all. On the inner levels, the members of this group are linked energetically and although many are not aware of this inner connection, others like us, do have this awareness. It is because of this awareness that we can work actively to strengthen the inner energetic connections through our meditations on Goodwill and Strengthening the Hands of the New Group of World Servers.

The Goodwill Meditation is used in the morning session at the Full Moon Meditation Meeting each month. The meditation Strengthening the Hands of the New Group of World Servers is used to conclude the afternoon session of the New Moon Meditation Meeting each month. These meditations are open to all who share the same vision of a better world and who have the powerful energy of goodwill in their hearts and minds. Won’t you join us in this healing group work? Can you set aside the personal problems with which we all have to deal and for an hour or so join in this group work with a love for the whole of the human family? Your community needs you!


Alice A. Bailey
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