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Co-operation with the Plan of the Hierarchy for Humanity


Welcome to the homepage of the Ribble Valley Meditation Group. You are invited to explore the contents of this site in order to further the actions of the Group which are to “Think globally, act locally”. The main service that the Group provides in meditation is intended to meet the spiritual needs of the communities within which we all live and work. To this end, group meditation is seen to provide the loving, healing powers of the soul for distribution in our local communities and in the world at large. Most of our meditations stem from the teachings in the Alice Bailey books.

About us

In this section the “Aims of the Group” are to be found together with two short articles, one on “Establishing a Culture of the Soul” and the other on “The Healing Energy of Goodwill” with which we work in meditation in this beautiful Sanctuary of Healing. The group is part of the service activities of World Goodwill at Lucis Trust.


This section lists the articles that we have available and is split in to Short and Long articles

Short articles

In this section is to be found a relatively brief introduction to The Great Invocation, the world prayer - which is one of the most important healing tools there is for this world of ours which is much in need of healing in these challenging times. In addition, there are bite-sized articles on meditations used at the full and new moons and the daily practice of Triangles meditations. There is also a short description of “The New World Religion”, as well as articles on “Communicating the Nature of Divinity”, “The Arcane School Training” and “Living Spirituality”.

There is an article entitled "Astrology - The Oldest and Greatest of Sciences" by Kathleen Newburn who is a spiritual author/teacher from the USA. You can also see more about Kathleen in the Speakers and Events section.

Longer articles

In this section is a more detailed explanation of our work in “Group Meditation” which includes among other themes, the healing work of the New Group of World Servers, the spiritual Laws and Principles, the seven rays, alignment with the soul, building the thought forms of solution to world problems, the United Nations and the Earth Charter. There are also three longer articles on the theme of past and present work in the world for a better future, the first of which is called “The Externalisation Of The Hierarchy”. This is followed by two other articles called “Some Evidence of the Guiding Hands of the Hierarchy” and “Race Relations, Energies, Groups and Earth Stewardship”. Finally, in this section and for those with some knowledge of the work of the founder of the Theosophical Society, Helena P. Blavatsky, here is to be found an article that explores some of the references in the Bailey books on the relationship between the teachings of Madame Blavatsky and Alice A. Bailey.

Meditation Outlines

In this section there are the outlines for the Meditations at the Full Moon; “Letting in the Light”, the Meditation at the New Moon; “Strengthening the Hands of the New Group of World Servers”. The Meditation; “Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World” together with the “Cycle of Conferences Initiative, Visualisation on Earth Stewardship” are also used at the new moon and are in this section. Last but far from least is to be found the “Meditation on Goodwill” which is used to bring in this healing energy of the soul for distribution in our local communities as well as in the world at large. This meditation takes place usually in the morning session of the Full Moon meeting.

Meditation Dates

These are the dates for the full and new moon meditation meetings held at the beautiful and tranquil Sanctuary of Healing which we are privileged to use. The energies in this building with its stunning design are quite extraordinary and need to be experienced to be believed!

United Nations’ Days

This is a list of special days dedicated by the United Nations to specific areas much in need of our lighted, loving and healing thoughts.


There are two sections to be found here. The first is a series of images of symbols to do with Sacred Geometry from Barbara Rose with further information available on each image. The second series is of symbolic images from Maria Cristina. intended to be aids in the visualisation process when saying the Great Invocation, as well as for use in our meditations. Included in this series is one showing the etheric body of the earth and the lighted network that is the New Group of World Servers, another with a point of light streaming into it and others showing the streaming in of the seven rays from Shamballa through the Hierarchy to earth.

Speakers & Events

Here will be posted reports on past visiting speakers as well as details of any upcoming speakers to the Group and/or other events.


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