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Co-operation with the Plan of the Hierarchy for Humanity

by Kathleen Newburn

Astrology is said to be the oldest and greatest of sciences. In essence, it comes to be understood as a path, a grand scheme, a cosmic mandala, which leads us forward one step at a time as we apply ourselves to it. Its secrets are like the doe in the forest--fleeting and difficult to hold, but which can be arrested through a focused gaze. Astrology expands the contours of our mind, building in those radiant strands and connecting cables of the antahkarana bridge that serve to awaken the intuition.

Relationship is the keynote of Sanat Kumara, the great Being that ensouls our planet. Astrology, the science of relationships, is surely a powerful means of penetrating into that keynote. One of the fundamental principles of the esoteric astrological worldview is the idea that “space is an entity”—an entity within whose radius we “live and move and have our being.” Astrology reveals the interrelationship between that Great Life and the lesser lives of which it is comprised -- the constellations, signs, stars, solar systems, planets, and kingdoms in nature. As we learn to “read” or penetrate into these lines of relationship we begin to understand a measure of the Plan and its working out in our world.

As we ponder the cosmic riddle, we get a glimpse of the orchestral nature of the universe while at the same time deepening our ability to hear the notes of the particular. Hidden within its signs and symbols the esoteric astrological teachings lead us eventually from darkness to light, from the unreal to the real, from death to immortality.

The third ray, the ray of Creative Intelligence, governs astrology. The Earth is ruled by a third ray personality and so it would seem we are particularly suited to penetrating into this study. Astrology’s third ray coloring, not surprisingly, places considerable demands on students. A metaphysician in training should not imagine his/her path to be any easier than that of a physician or any other professional who must undergo years of training. In certain ways the demands placed upon the metaphysican are greater because they are all-encompassing, embracing subjective as well as objective levels of reality. A positive frame of mind is essential in pursuing this path, as is perseverance--qualities that can serve to carry us through the arid periods in our study when all seems unintelligible.

Throughout time astrology has provided a means of understanding the cosmos and our place within it. If we investigate this path, even in a cursory fashion, we sense its transformative effects for it leads us to deepen our understanding of both the universal as well as the particular. It helps us penetrate beneath the multiplicity of forms within the three worlds and into a consideration of the inner geometric patterns and synthetic interrelationship that underlies all life. Astrology makes us more malleable by demanding that we move in new directions, forging lines of association that are not readily apparent, nor logical; it liberates us from crystallizations inherent in a more linear approach to life and relationships. A solid foundation within the concrete mind is essential for any possible application in this field, but it is not enough. The concrete provides the foundation, the base, upon which we take our stand but without the ability to penetrate into the abstract realm the whole essence, the underlying clues, are lost to sight as we become weighted down within a multiplicity of forms that leave us unable to see the forest for the trees.

There are few, as yet, who follow this way with any real depth of understanding and those who do are constrained in what they can teach because the hidden mystery must be revealed by each one, through the crucible of inner experience. This is a path of releasing power and surely this is why, over the aeons, it has remained veiled. In the words of one who has dedicated his life to unraveling the secrets of this path--“the book is written in the stars, we just have to learn how to read it.” So we must be careful and moderate in our approach. For most of us, our progress in this particular lifetime will not go much beyond the elementary level. Nonetheless our efforts are not in vain for they contribute towards the preparation of the mental vehicle for future lives. The threads of any effort made in one life are picked up in lives to come. All efforts contribute to the thoughtform of solution that will surely begin its flowering after 2025 when the timing will be set for the externalization of the ashrams.

Astrology is a science based on illusion. And because of this, a steady application to its precepts can aid the process of human and planetary liberation. As we perfect our ability to look beneath the surface of outer events, we move into the world of causes, the world of esotericism, and we become more effective wielders of energy. While the inner work must be undertaken within consciousness, this science, like all sciences, demands the merging and blending of the group aura in order to precipitate onto the physical plane. The subject is so vast, indeed infinite, that it calls for the input of many minds and hearts. Through sharing and exchange, the strength and breadth of the rainbow bridge, the group antahkarana, can be forged, providing the means whereby the “externalization” and precipitation can occur through the inpouring of the spiritual will.

And while group work is not mainly, nor even primarily, physical plane work, one can imagine the benefit to be derived from gatherings where astrologers could come together and through the intermingling of auras attain results that might not otherwise be possible. This type of work has been slowly taking form but often physical plane constraints and limitations have impeded such efforts. One can imagine the possibilities that will develop as the new age unfolds, affording us all greater opportunities for group work upon the physical plane.

With the aid of the group and the developing sense of brotherhood and the true spirit of sharing, the work can go forward, penetrating into the clear cold light. This penetration demands we move out of the fire, leaving the past behind, and towards “a newer tension.” Only then will we realize the restoration of this ancient and greatest of sciences, moving it to new heights. Under the impress of the incoming energies of Aquarius and the seventh ray, all forms are passing through a period of disruption as crystallizations are broken down and new forms are built to better house the incoming light. Esoteric astrology will one day assume its rightful place within our planetary life and in conjunction with the study of the seven rays will be the key science underlying the new and coming esoteric psychology, the keynote of which will be integration. Astrology and the seven rays provide powerful tools to understand ourselves and the particular part, or dharma, we can contribute to the unfolding Plan. There are so many layers and facets of astrological analysis to be pursued and the worldwide group of researchers presently applying themselves to this field are doing much to build the structure and lay the foundation upon which this new psychology will unfold.

Alice Bailey once said that at times in her work with the Tibetan she was able to penetrate into aspects of his mind in which she glimpsed awesome vistas of truth yet to be revealed. Surely some of those vistas are awaiting precipitation at this time as we all continue to seek the way and yearn to know.

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Alice A. Bailey
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