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Some thoughts on “Communicating the Nature of Divinity”

On thinking about the subject of ‘Communicating the Nature of Divinity’, the quality of love springs immediately to mind; that universal, impersonal love which is known as the all-pervasive energy of this, the second solar system. Compassion too, fits very well into the concept of the nature of divinity. Indeed, probably all the virtues traditionally associated with spiritual values, such as wisdom, mindfulness and joy would fit well with this concept. In fact, anything that is in the nature of ‘the good, the beautiful and the true’ might well be seen as part of the essential nature of divinity that might be communicated.

As for communication itself,  many diverse forms exist ranging from the most objective and exoteric to the most subtle and esoteric. Objective, exoteric communication can take place through speaking, writing, sound, music, art and dance. Subjective communication includes thoughts, feelings and energies together with the activities of vibration, magnetism, radiation and attraction amongst others, all of which could be used to communicate the nature of divinity.

Now, it would seem that in order to communicate something, it has to be known exactly what is to be communicated. However, this is not necessarily the case at all. It is known that there are many levels of understanding. For example, whilst someone may wish to communicate something, it may well be that, if the recipient has access to more levels of understanding, then during communication other things of which the communicator is completely unaware will be revealed. Body language experts together with psychologists and psycho-therapists spring inevitably to mind as groups who are able to read far more into a person than their mere words can convey! So, it seems fair to say that sensitivity and the developmental stage attained will have some bearing on any attempted communication both by those trying to communicate as well as their recipients. Of course, clarity and skill of communication are yet other factors that come into play.

What I want to say is that perhaps it is the case that with some sense of some kind of the nature of divinity then communication of some kind inevitably takes place at some level. Now I know that this seems to be an overly cautious statement! But let’s explore a few questions. If we think, for example, of the fragrance of a flower and the beauty of the colours in a rainbow or in a beam of light, can we, as recipients perceive the nature of divinity being communicated to us? Can we appreciate the same in the song of a bird, the grace of a gazelle, the majesty of the elephant, the beauty of the crystals and jewels of the mineral kingdom?

With a trained sensitivity and heightened awareness, could we, in fact, appreciate the nature of divinity in everything and indeed, anything around us? A most pertinent and obvious example is the vault of the heavens on a clear night. The awesome beauty and magnificence of the stars and planets can lead us to wonder about the nature of the divine cosmic logos whose centres these form. Moreover, when we see the qualities of compassion and wisdom in manifestation in humanity itself, we might well ponder on these very same aspects of the nature of divinity that are being communicated to us.

The point is that if we have a sense of our essential divinity within, the God Immanent, to which we feel a strong, unbreakable connection and, if at the same time, we have some sense of our integral interconnectedness with the God Transcendent - in whatever way we are able to appreciate these awesome truths - then we will inevitably be communicating this at some level and in some way. The more we develop our awareness in as many diverse ways as possible, then the more we  develop the sense of that wonderful synthesis of the whole of life to which we belong. The more we develop our sensitivity to the vast myriad ways that divinity can be communicated then the more interconnectedness, unity and synthesis will we be enabled to communicate in turn. What wonderful opportunities this realisation brings!

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Alice A. Bailey
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