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Co-operation with the Plan of the Hierarchy for Humanity


For me “living spirituality” means maintaining, as frequently as possible, that inner connection with the divine with a view to ultimately being able to have a continuous consciousness of the never-ending divine flow through, in and all around me. It means identification with divine light, love and will, not just as something transcendent or external to myself but also as something within; God immanent, the Christ consciousness or Oneness with all.

In order to express this living spirituality in my life it seems that it is desirable to try to aim to be the highest and best that I can be at all times whilst accepting that the human condition necessarily means inevitable failure many times over! I see the higher self or the soul as the highest and best that I am often in conflict with the tendencies of the lower self or personality. This is the main difficulty of being human! The lower self in my case often expresses in fear-based emotional reactions to people and situations; reactions which are founded upon a separative attitude where I am seeing myself and my views as the centre of the universe!

When I can take a detached attitude from these reactions, I stand back and look objectively at what I am doing with my thoughts and then I can recognise that this is all to do with the personality, the lower self, which really does not matter at all! These conflicts on the inner side within oneself can be seen as golden opportunities to raise one’s standard of spiritual being and livingness onto a higher plane where the good of the whole counts as important together with love for all. There is the firm conviction that to see all as belonging to the one whole is important in this process of raising standards of spiritual livingness and that one’s thought life is vital as energy follows thought.

For me, therefore, to grow spiritually means to constantly recognise and do battle with these forces within myself which belong to the “lesser” me. To raise up and redeem these unloving thoughts, attitudes and tendencies of a separative nature through the power of the love divine is the whole point of being human and our golden opportunity to grow and, not incidentally, make the environment and the world in which we live a better place thereby. Meditation can be seen as the engine that drives this process, especially group meditations with goodwill in the heart. The joy of working with a world wide group of meditators is a blessing indeed!

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Alice A. Bailey
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