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Co-operation with the Plan of the Hierarchy for Humanity


The issue of race relations in the world is particularly pertinent to the concept of brotherhood/sisterhood which is being promoted around the world right now. When  tracing back through time, surely it can be appreciated that the guiding hands of the Hierarchy of Masters can be seen to have been at work in the movement to improve human relations in this area. There was most assuredly guidance from those hands in the massive movement to abolish slavery which Wilberforce began in the United Kingdom and which spread all over the world. Surely too these guiding hands can be seen  in Martin Luther King’s campaign to end the segregation of the blacks in the United States of America and in the movement against apartheid in South Africa with the role of Nelson Mandela as one of significance. It can be said that there must have been responsiveness, albeit unconsciously perhaps, to hierarchical impressions here.  Archbishop Tutu is another prominent leader in this field and together with Nelson Mandela, they form part of yet another significant movement, that of the Elders, which will be mentioned in a later section.


What is worthy of attention in all of this is the fact of change and in one important way. It is of some significance that in looking back it can be appreciated that the role of charismatic individuals in the past belonged to the outgoing Piscean 6th ray of devotion whereas nowadays there is the need to look at the activities of groups, as it is groups which will be, and are, serving the world today and set to so serve in the future with the energy of the Aquarian 7th ray of ceremonial order and ritual. So there are groups campaigning in all areas of life and as far as race relations are concerned there are many groups that have been involved in the setting up of laws against racial discrimination and in the setting up of the Peace and Race Commissions, for example. In all of these it can be appreciated that the hands of the Hierarchy have been guiding humanity throughout the ages. It can also be said that in today’s world it can be appreciated that their influence is stronger than ever before with the growth of many groups that work in conscious co-operation with the Hierarchy through meditations at the full and new moons. [www.lucictrust.org/en/service-activities/worldwide network]


The spectacular growth of non-governmental organisations or NGOs in the middle of the last century was phenomenal, impacting as they did all areas of world problems, with examples such as Amnesty International, Oxfam, Water Aid and many more. The problem area of poverty and the fairer  redistribution of the earth’s resources is one that illustrates the change in thinking with many celebrities and pop stars using their fame promoting this and other worthy causes. There were Band Aid, Live Aid, Live 8,  Live Earth together with the Make Poverty History Campaign. It can be said that there has been through this movement the growth of an increasingly enlightened public opinion with many people demanding more altruistic, socio-economic policies from those in power, such as those involved in the G8 summits.


The formation of the Elders illustrates well the change in emphasis from individuals to the Aquarian Age of groups. A group of people called “The Elders” was formed (www.theElders.org), under the inspiration perhaps of the words of one of its founders, Desmond Tutu, who said that “Despite all the ghastliness that is around, human beings are made for goodness”. Their website also states that “we are moving to a global village and yet we don’t have our global elders. The Elders can be a group who have the trust of the world….” Yet again perhaps unconsciously, the members of this group have responded to spiritual impression. Those who can be said to be the real elder brothers of the race, that is, Masters of the Hierarchy, can be seen to be approaching closer to the human race as a whole.

The whole externalisation process seems to be subject to a special impetus and this group would certainly constitute a worthy representation which can be seen to be a part of the exoteric or outward section of the new group of world servers. The Elders include amongst their ranks such world servers as not only Nelson Mandela, but also Muhammed Yunis, Jimmy Carter, Mary Robinson, Aung San Suu Kyi and Kofi Annan. There is a statement on the site by Mandela: “This group can speak freely and boldly, working both publicly and behind the scenes on whatever actions need to be taken. Together we will work to support courage where there is fear, foster agreement where there is conflict, and inspire hope where there is despair.” Surely it can be appreciated that the hands of the Hierarchy of Masters is guiding these Elders?


Ideas can be said to be of prime and fundamental importance in the evolution of humanity. Indeed, there are many references in the Tibetan’s books to this fact and to the ‘raincloud of knowable things’ of which Patanjali speaks so often. When it is recognised that, [from Supermundane I]“ideas rule the world, and…thought is limitless” [s. 179] then it can also be appreciated that those who are sensitive to impression, whether conscious of it or not, can be influenced by the Hierarchy, who are said to be standing by and guiding humanity in the implementation of the Plan on earth.

In the pages 408 through to 412 of A Treatise on White Magic by Alice Bailey, which was first printed in 1934, there is an important section of the teaching which refers to the rebirth of many groups in the last three centuries since an important conclave in the sixteenth century. These groups were to be found in all fields of human endeavour including culture such as artists, musicians and poets, the fields of politics, education, religion, science, communications, philosophy,  psychology and even finance. All these groups were under the guidance of their own souls which co-operates consciously with the Hierarchy and through these many groups new ideas were brought to an evolving humanity. It can be said that this work of the guiding hands can be seen in the increasing trends towards unification and synthesis in the world today.


  • COOPERATION not Competition
  • PEACE not war


Most of the ideas listed above can be seen to he part of the wonderful idea of the green movement with conservation and earth stewardship gaining much ground right now. It is in this particular area that  these kinds of movements demonstrate humanity’s responsiveness to ideas as the Masters try to impress human minds with the Plan. The methods used by humans, of course, depend entirely upon humans - it is ideas with which the Masters work as ideas come from the buddhic realm, the realm of the intuition which is always to do with the Plan and with group consciousness, so the teachings say. All this does indicate, by the way, that a new level has been reached by humanity; the level of the mind as opposed to the emotions. So hopefully, humanity as a whole is moving to a situation where the battlefields of old are being  replaced by reasoned debates around conference tables.

A link can be made within this area with the pioneering work of certain individuals such as Rachel Carson who wrote the book, The Silent Spring in the 1950’s; the work of such as Sir Peter Scott, Sir David Attenborough, Jane Goodall and David Bellamy, to name but a few. Then there has been the growth of many various groups, for example, WWF, World Wide Fund for Nature, formerly World Wildlife Fund, and Greenpeace together with all those numerous groups concerned with important conservation work and the ecology of the planet.

Climate change is high on the agenda nowadays and Al Gore’s input here has been vital, as most will undoubtedly agree. Indeed, the whole area of climate change illustrates very clearly yet another point of some significance and that is that it often takes an impending disaster to make humanity change its values and ways of living. It is in this very area that can be seen clearly a vast sea-change in public opinion as at last, humanity is waking up to its responsibilities as regards earth stewardship.

There is a meditation on Earth Stewardship in The Cycle of Conferences initiative which the Arcane School promotes and which we include in our New Moon meditations.

Even the idea of Animal Rights can be linked with humanity’s role as mediators between the Hierarchy [which forms part of the superhuman kingdom] and the three sub-human kingdoms, the mineral, vegetable and animal. It surely can be seen that right human relations must include right relationships with all the three lower kingdoms in nature. Yet again in this particular area can be seen the fact that another critical mass and seismic shift is beginning to take place.

With a continued focus on the guiding hands of the Hierarchy in these times surely the movement to ban fox-hunting can be seen as part of the animal rights’ movement in general? It is interesting too, to note that these many movements seem to parallel  the movement for human rights and represent perhaps an expansion in consciousness for humanity. It can be seen that the idea of respect for the planet and all upon it represents a seismic shift in consciousness. It is this sea-change in public opinion that leads many to think that humanity is undergoing an important initiation right now for which the guiding hand of the Hierarchy are much needed.


There are numerous details of the part to be played by the United Nations throughout the Alice Bailey books giving a strong indication of its importance in the Plan of the Hierarchy for humanity.

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