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The following copyrighted images featuring visionary art, poems and insights by Barbara Rose. Each creative work is a bridge between levels of existence - body and soul, spirit and matter, inner and outer - and offer valuable insights to assist you on your personal journey during these times of monumental change. www.visionsofreality.co.uk

Apocalypse Fire

Apocalpse 1

Apocalypse Water

Apocalpse 2

Visions - Becoming

Visions And God Said

"In the beginning was the Word..."

    Genesis 1:1

In darkness I rest 'til I am no more

In womb of creation safe and secure

Paths, they seem many, twenty two in all

Linking the spheres that lead man to his soul

Hidden are the paths that lie beyond tree

Veil of illusion obscures them from me

In stillness and silence reveals thus: the key

In deepest dark glows eye of All Seeing

Darkest of dark; light of All Being

Seed of creation; unmanifest becoming





Visions - Arcturus

Visions Arcturus

Visions Gnosis

Visions Gnosis

Visions Gnosis Purity

Visions Gnosis Purity

Visions Light

Visions Light

Visions - Celebration

Visions Celebration

Visions - Devotion Compassion

Visions Devotion Compassion

Visions - Devotion

Visions Devotion

Visions - Devotion Clarity

Visions Devotion Clarity

Visions - Dark

Visions Dark

Visions - Light

Visions Light

Visions - Freedom

Visions Freedom

Visions - Genesis Manifestation

Visions Genesis Manisfestation

Visions - Genesis Inception

Visions Genesis Inception

Vesica - Light Fruit

Vesica - Light Fruit

Vesica - Light Tetras

Vesica - Light Tetras

Vesica - Light 3

Vesica - Light 3


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